XMAS Matchplay Weekend 7th - 11th, Oslo, Norway

Kristiania Flipperselskap welcomes you all to 5 days of pinball and fun 7th - 11th December 2022! The annual XMAS Matchplay tournament has been extended to include two pretournaments this year, and we hope that people from outside will be able to enjoy a long weekend with us here in Oslo. On this page you will find registration form, player list and necessary information about the formats and schedule, accomodation, food and transport.

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We have set a total of 44 players for our location, due to space and facility limitations. Here is the overview of the remaining spots for the different days:

  • Wednesday pretournament: 28 / 44 players registered.
  • Thursday pretournament: 31 / 44 players registered.
  • Friday XMAS warmup: 40 / 44 players registered.
  • Saturday XMAS Main: 43 / 44 players registered.
  • Sunday XMAS tournament: 38 / 44 players registered.

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